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Geforce FX5500
GPU core interface: 256-BIT
Memory: 256BM DDR
Memory interface: 128-BIT
Bus support: AGP 8X
Connector: VGA+TV-OUT+DVI

Geforce FX5500 Chipset Features

- ...
Product EAGLE Geforce 9500GT
Chipset Geforce 9500GT
Memory 256MB GDDR3
Core Frequency 600MHz
Memory Frequency 1600MHz
Chipset GPU: GeForce 9600GT
Memory: 1024MB DDR2
Memory Interface: 128-bit
Interface: PCI Express
Core Speed (MHz): 600
Memory Speed (MHz): 800
Stream ...
Dual DVI and TVO
PCI Express 16X bus interface
Memory interface: 256-bit
Core clock: 600MHz
Memory clock: 1, 800MHz
ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU
Unified video decoder
Ultimate ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 7300
GPU core interface: 256-BIT
Memory: 512MB MBGA DDR
Memory interface: 64-BIT
Bus support: PCI Express x16
Connector: VGA+TV-OUT+DVI
Geforce 7300 ...
GPU; NVIDIA Geforce FX5200
GPU core interface; 256-BIT
Memory; 128MB DDR
Memory interface; 128-BIT
Bus support; AGP 8X
Connector; VGA+TV-OUT+DVI
DirectX9.0 and ...
Memory Interface: 64bit
Memory Size: 128MB/256MB
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 6.4
Fill Rate (MTexels/sec. ): 2700
Stream Processors: 24
Core Clock (MHz): 450MHz

Chipset: ATI 9200
Memory: 256MB/128MB DDR
Memory interface: 128-BIT
Bus support: AGP
Core Frequency: 250MHz
Memory Frequency: 266MHz

OutPut: ...
GPU: NVIDIA 8600GT(G86-400)
256MB 128Bit DDR3 Core clock - 540MHz
Pipelines: 64
DirectX 10.0, OpenGL 2.0, SM4.0
PCI-Express 16x
Key features
NVIDIA 8600GT ...
General Features:
ATI Radeon 7500 GPU
8x AGP interface
DDR1 memory
Quad-pipe Pixel Power
High performance 3D
Asus GameFace
Asus Video security II
Dual DVI + TVO
Model: ATI HD 3650
Bus type: PCI Express 2.0 X16
Video memory: 512MB GDDR3
Core clock: 650MHz
Memory clock: 1, 600MHz
Memory interface: 128-bit
Maximum ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Bus interface: PCI express
Memory supported: 256MB DDR2
Core clock: 500MHz
Memory clock: 1, 200MHz
Full Microsoft, DirectX, and 10 shader model 4.0 ...
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GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 7600GT
Memory: ...
Chipset: Intel 915Gm+ICH6

Support: Socket 478 Pentium 4E(Prescott kernel 2.8E/3.0E/3.2E/3.4E/3.6E or higher), Celeron CPU (2.53/2.66/2.8GHz or higher)
Support: FSB800/533MHz ...

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